Plan Administrators

NGS Insurance Agency is proud to be the Plan Processor and Administrator for all aspects of the following Allied Pilots Association Benefit Programs with the exception of claims:

Group Term Life Insurance
Pilot Mutual Aid "PMA"
Pilot Occupational Disability "POD"
Survivor Benefit Program "SBP"


NGS Team

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Scott Kakacek


Amanda Sanders

Program Manager

Jami Clark

Plan Administrator

Ken Jenkins

Director of I.T.

Bentley Kakacek

Chief Morale Officer

Pilot Mutual Aid

Voluntary plan for temporary Medical Disability and Death

Pilot Occupational Disability

Voluntary plan for Medical Disability

Life Insurance

Group Term Life, AD&D and Survivor Benefit Plan

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If you would like to email us with any questions with regards to any of the benefits NGS administers on behalf of APA, please feel free to contact us. 

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